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TorrentLeechSeeder and DLink DSL-6740U File Upload

I recently worked on 2 useful mini-projects that I wanted to share, in case it’s useful to anyone.


My home Internet connection is slow. Especially the upload. It was hurting my upload/download ratio in the popular BitTorrent tracker BitTorrent tracker TorrentLeech.

I started choosing torrents to download by the amount of seeders / leechers they have, but doing this manually took too much time.

So I wrote a script that scrapes TorrentLeech searching for the most “efficient” torrents to download and then seed, using “aria2c” for downloading/seeding.

You can read more and clone the code at GitHub:


As I previously mentioned - my home Internet connection is *very* slow.

I wanted to upload tcpdump to see what’s taking all my bandwidth, but there was no nc, wget or anything useful - only httpd.

So I wrote a small guide with snippets of how to upload any files (including the right statically-compiled tcpdump binary).

You can find it here on GitHub:


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