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QuietComfort 35 + MacBook + iPhone Bluetooth Connectivity

I received QuietComfort 35 from work, and I loved it from the first moment I used it. It’s always connected to my work Mac, my personal Mac and to my iPhone.

But whenever I leave work / home and close my laptop lid - I would expect the seamless reaction for the headphones to switch automatically to my iPhone audio while disconnecting from my now-sleeping Mac.

The current behaviour is far from that. My Mac stays connected even with it’s lid shut in my backpack, and I have to manually open the Bose app on my phone and switch the Mac connection off.

I was looking for a solution to turn off Bluetooth when lid is shut - but sadly the only one I could find is ControlPlane, which apparently used to be an app that lets you perform actions on Mac system events (such as lid closed / opened). Sadly I gave it a try and it seems broken on newer Macs.

Today I found this amazing app - Power Manager. With this app, along with a small Bluetooth command line utility, my problem was solved easily.

You can download my Power Manager profile here, please note it requires the installation of blueutil, available via Homebrew. The profile basically runs blueutil -p 0 before sleep (lid close), and blueutil -p 1 on wake (lid open).

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