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UniFi Static IP Leases

In order to organize my UniFi-controlled network, I tried to look at all the static IP allocations I made using the UniFi portal.

Some lookups online suggested I use the “Insights” page on the UniFi portal, but I get a “No WiFi Networks found” error when I do:

I figured there’s a way to get the info through SSHing into the machine itself. Running grep recursively throughout the filesystem made me find /config/ubios-udapi-server/ubios-udapi-server.state which is a large JSON file containing device configuration. The DHCP static leases were listed under services -> dhcpServers -> staticLeases. I wrote this small one-liner to retrieve the mapping as JSON array:

cat /config/ubios-udapi-server/ubios-udapi-server.state | jq '[.services.dhcpServers[0].staticLeases[] | {ip: .addresses[0], mac: .id}] | sort_by(.ip | split(".") | map(tonumber))'

The output of this script is a JSON array of objects containing ip and mac, for example:

    "ip": "",
    "mac": "00:11:22:33:44:55"
    "ip": "",
    "mac": "aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff"

Eventually I learned that the old UniFi network UI has a working Insights page containing all the static leases. In order to view this page, I had to go to the “System Settings” tab within the Network settings page and disable “New User Interface”:

Once I did that, I could visit the old Insights page and select the following filters to view all assigned static IP leases:

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